About the club

Our food fuels our passions

We know how exquisite food tastes after a satisfying run or workout. We also know how physical activity helps to enjoy the chef's bounty to our heart's delight - and in good health.

That's why we created the run club.

Set your sights on a distant goal. Track your training. Enjoy the art of recovery. Rinse and repeat.
Download the Fitness Tracker

Our simple fitness tracking app uses Glide to let you input fitness data to a Google Spreadsheet. Track focus (aerobic, strength, recovery), duration and distance. You control your data.

Get the Axle Grease Run Club Fitness Tracker here.

Axle Grease Run Club
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  • Beginner: 0-5 (hours per week)
  • Intermediate: 5-10
  • Advanced: 10-20